Summer Teams

Crosslinks is all about helping churches and individuals in Britain and Ireland to partner in cross-cultural mission.

Sometimes this means turning up to your church to pray for your cross-cultural Mission Partners. Sometimes this means using your money to help support them financially. And sometimes this might mean a group from your church going overseas to visit them, to encourage them, and to work alongside them for a while.


Church Teams


Summer teams are usually run in association with churches in Britain and Ireland. These typically last between two and four weeks. The emphasis of the teams is on evangelism, practical service, meeting new people and experiencing a different culture. Teams in the past have been involved with holiday bible clubs, schools, children’s camps, teaching English, student evangelism, bible teaching and helping with practical tasks.


They are a great starting point if you’ve never done any overseas mission work before, or if you want to strengthen your links with the Mission Partner you support.

Crosslinks is realistic about what a team can achieve on a two or three week trip but also excited by the ways God works through them. Many of those who go have been inspired to consider longer-term mission or want to serve more in their home church. Team leaders have seen huge changes in the maturity of their group members as they interact with God’s people in a different country and see him at work in the lives of others.


A Church-Led Summer Team can be initiated by a church in Britain or Ireland, or by a Mission Partner overseas. The team is selected by the church, and led by church-appointed leaders (e.g youth leaders, ministers or home group leaders) approved by Crosslinks. Crosslinks helps the team prepare for the challenges they’ll face and advises on all sorts of practical things, runs DBS checks, health checks, and arranges insurance for the team. Crosslinks can also arrange flights, accommodation and transport as necessary. Running a Church-led Summer Team with Crosslinks relieves the pressure on the church to organise something in a field where they may have little previous experience, provides specialist training in cross-cultural work, and enables the church and the mission partner to build their relationship.


If you want to arrange a group trip from your church to visit your mission partner, and to get alongside them in their work, please contact us (preferably in the autumn before your proposed date).


Open Teams

Occasionally Crosslinks is requested by overseas gospel workers to recruit a team to meet a specific need which cannot be met by their current gospel partners. This might be running a bible holiday club, helping with outreach amongst students, or sharing the gospel within a rural population. When these opportunities arise, they are advertised on the opportunities section of our web pages. Crosslinks seeks to find people who are willing to serve, humble to learn, able to articulate the gospel clearly, and up for a challenge and a new experience.

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Crosslinks is recognised by Global Connections as operating under the Code of Best Practice in Short-Term Mission 2016