SBT - Overview

SBTs (Schools of Biblical Training) are worldwide, one-week conferences that equip church leaders to teach God’s word. The basic principles of Bible teaching are covered by SBT trainers who are experienced in expository ministry; preaching that allows the Bible to speak for itself by using proper rules of interpretation.

SBTs run annually, so the trainers build relationships with participants and develop knowledge of their culture.

SBTs have been run in Thailand, Nigeria, South Africa, Tanzania, Cambodia, Bolivia, Kenya, Serbia, India, Uganda and Cuba.



3 Biblical Convictions

Crosslinks is part of the global movement of expository teaching which has been founded on the three biblical convictions;

“God wants his Church to grow in maturity not just numbers….the Church grows through knowledge of God’s word…..God’s word comes to people primarily through preaching” *


*The Langham Logic, Langham Partnership UK & Ireland