Why partner with Crosslinks Project Partners?

Supporting Project Partners is an exciting way of engaging in God's worldwide mission.

We do the work of ensuring that the best, most reliable people and the most strategic ministries are selected to be Crosslinks Project Partners.  We ensure there is financial accountability and local oversight from someone we know well.  We put you in touch with the Project Partners so that you can get to know them and what to pray for them. 

Crosslinks Projects Partners need gospel partnerships. They need the encouragement of knowing that others are praying and concerned for the work.  They also need this partnership to provide finance to make the Project possible.   

Unless British and Irish Christians support these gospel workers their ministries will not be possible.  Simply put, people who could hear the gospel, won’t; people who could be trained for ministry will remain untrained. 

In the longer term we are keen to foster local ownership so that the projects can continue independently of Crosslinks. Therefore, Crosslinks engages with these Project Partners for a limited duration.  For example, this might mean a tapering financial commitment.  This is designed to encourage local believers and churches to take increasing ownership of their own mission work.