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iServeAfrica was originally founded and set up by Harrison Mungai in 2007 after spending two years in the UK as a ministry apprentice in Reading and Sussex. Throughout this time he observed the training and personal pastoral mentoring he received and became strongly convinced that the African church is in great need of Gospel workers. After prayer and wide consultations with leaders both in Kenya and in the UK, the idea solidified and he felt strongly that an apprenticeship programme would be one answer to raising a generation of gospel workers who will faithfully teach the scriptures and encourage Christians to live out their faith in the African context.

Inspired by the apprenticeship models in the UK, Harrison envisaged a programme that would give young graduates opportunities of involvement in Christian ministry, helping them to explore the needs and opportunities available in gospel ministry, whether gospel ministry is for them and also a programme that would support the ministry of a local church. The idea of iServe Africa was born starting with a pioneering group of 14 apprentices commissioned to serve.

 iServe Africa now currently have 23 apprentices in placements in Kenya and 2 in the UK. They need your support both prayerfully and financially to enable many gifted and godly men and women to be identified, recruited, trained and sent out to handle the gospel of Jesus Christ faithfully, confidently, clearly and relevant in Africa and beyond.

iServe Africa’s objectives:

  • To raise a generation of gospel workers for the body of Christ through apprenticeships
  • To serve the body of Christ through training on Biblical preaching and Leadership
  • To supplement the ministry of the local church or Christian organisation
  • To be a structure in which younger Christians can spend a year learning and contributing meaningfully in Gospel Ministry

The 2014 intake of apprentices.

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