Education for Liberation



About the project:

The objective of Education for Liberation (E4L), is to reach the local non-Christian community through word and deed; to serve in the likeness of Christ, sharing the good news of the gospel explicitly through the spoken word, and implicitly through practical service.

The need is evident, and the team members are active in sharing the gospel with their families and neighbours. They themselves face many of the same struggles of economic and social deprivation, yet rejoice in the grace of God and the hope that He alone gives

In this desperately poor urban community the team seek to meet two urgent needs: people’s recognised need for education and their unrecognised need for the gospel. They do this through offering literacy, numeracy and skills classes. Alongside this they actively seek to explain the gospel to women and children as relationships are built and through bible clubs. Each year they reach many families with the best news in the world. 

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