Gospel Stories

A Crosslinks short-termer tells us some of the challenges faced by new Christians in East Asia.

Chris Brown interviewed a local Italian Christian to find out what people think really think about Jesus.

Project Partner Sam Opolot writes of his recent activities with Christian university students in Uganda.

Nicholas Fuentes was a Crosslinks Study Partner, studying for a BTh at the Centre for Pastoral Studies in Santiago. Nicholas finished his course in December 2013 and here he tells us what he plans to do next.

After the civil war in Serbia in the 1990s, the Church was struggling to survive. Ministers could not be supported any more by their churches and  there was a distinct lack of bible training books or materials. Noticing this need, Chris and Lotta Strajnic began Project Timothy...

The Gambia Gap Team 2014 share what they learnt during their four and a half months in The Gambia.

Andy Harker tells us why this often held opinion is not as true as we might think.

Many people in Naples are economically very weak, but here Mark Oden tells us how this is making the Christians in their church faithfully dependent on the Lord.

Chris Howles shares what he has learnt from the lives of his Christian brothers and sisters in Uganda.

The  2014 Ethiopia Gap Team share what they learnt whilst on short-term mission.