Gospel Stories

13 February 2015

Rory and Hannah Blake-Knox speak about their life and ministry with Sports Academy George in South Africa.

5 January 2015

Penny Northway talks about the kids summer camps her church in Bologna, Italy, have been running.

Mark and Jane Oden moved to Naples last year to establish a church in the city’s centre. Read on to hear what life's like...

Rev. Elio Mártiz, Executive Director of Crosslimks projects Equipo Impacto tells us...

Chris Howles tells us about a recent training retreat he led for Sunday School teachers at his church in Uganda.

Alexis Perez and Elio Mártiz run Pastor Preaching Conferences to train Bible teachers in Cuba, as part of Crosslinks project Equipo Impacto. Here’s what some recent attendees said!

Short term partner Janet works with university students in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Here Janet speaks of her recent activities:

Crosslinks Study Partner Upendra Upadhyaya tells us of his Christmas day event sharing the gospel with fellow Nepali students studying in Bangalore.

Gillian Pegler runs Time For Change Ministries, which provides biblical resources for use in prison ministry. Read on for news of the new Guilt and Forgiveness Course.

For Crosslinks' 90th birthday, Andrew Atherstone explains the history of Crosslinks since its inception as BCMS in 1922, and the foundations on which it still runs.