Gospel Stories

29 September 2015

In July and August 2015, a team from St Leonard's Church in Exeter spent three weeks serving alongside Kenyan brothers and sisters in Nairobi. Here they share what they learnt.

29 September 2015

Team members from the 2015 St Leonard's Church short-term trip to Kenya tell us why we all should take part in overseas mission.

30 July 2015

Mark Oden works for a church in Naples, Italy. Here he tells us of the spiritual need in this Italian city.

28 July 2015

Joshua Broomfield writes about the 2015 Gambia Gap Team's time spent being ambassadors for grace in The Gambia earlier this year.

25 June 2015

The 2015 Gambia Gap Team tell us what they learned on their trip, and why it is the best way to spend a gap year.

22 June 2015

Please find the mintues from 2015 Annual Meeting of Members

4 June 2015

The Thailand Gap Team 2015 tell us what they learned during their four months in Thailand.

27 May 2015

Leni Ledgister has found her first year in Chile tough. But she writes here of how, in her suffering, God is glorified.

27 May 2015

In June, a team from Ireland will head to Serbia to run a School of Biblical Training for pastors and church workers.

26 May 2015

4,000 churchrs in Cuba are led by untrained pastors. Equipo Impacto is taking pastor training workshops across the country...