Gospel Stories

17 January 2017

Time For Change Ministries offers three new bible study series for use with small groups in the prison environment.

16 November 2016

Stories of gospel proclamation and church growth in the capital city of India.

14 November 2016

Pastor Devender, Director of Crosslinks Project NIBT, shares how his ministry is impacting North India with God’s unconditional and sacrificial love.

11 November 2016

Just 2% of pastors in Bhutan are trained to teach the Bible. Crosslinks Project NIBT is working to train Bhutanese pastors by offering workshops near the India-Bhutan border.

26 October 2016

Some Crosslinks short-termers tell us about their time overseas.

26 October 2016

"The state of theological resources in Serbian is abysmal, so the need is spectacular." Riste Micev tells us how Project Timothy's team of translators are working to meet this need.

24 October 2016

Thorsten and Kerstin Prill work at Namibia Evangelical Theological Seminary, where it would be understandable for any prospective student to ask, “Is it worth it?”

1 September 2016

Crosslinks Study Partner Harrison Mungai graduated from Africa International University this summer. He writes here about his studies and his future plans.

31 August 2016

Chris and Lizzie Brown tell us how they have seen God answering prayers for their ministry in Bologna.

30 August 2016

In North India, a Crosslinks project is at work helping to build the emerging church. Pastor Devender tells us more.