Hope for a nation

21 April 2017

In the month of April in Rwanda we remember the tragedy of genocide against Tutsi that took place in 1994 and we light candles as a sign of hope for a better future. But the true hope for this nation is in the gospel taking deep and strong roots among the next generation. I have seen this hope taking some shape recently - it is possible that the next generation of Rwandans will be truly grounded in the scriptures. 

For example, one of the mums of three children in our Sunday school recently said to me, “Your church values children so much and you are teaching them the Bible. Since my kids started attending this church, they have come home very excited about what they are learning and tell me all the bible stories you’re teaching them – this never happened before!”

Another example is Ange, who was about to give up volunteering for her church’s children ministry. She said, “I didn’t know what I ought to teach the children. Lack of training and skills had totally discouraged me.” She then came to visit the kids’ bible club I run. Ange was so encouraged by this that she started volunteering with us. She then had the confidence to become the main Sunday school teacher at her own church. Each week, she tries to apply everything we do at the kids’ bible club at her church.

Similarly, Alexandre is a volunteer at the kids’ bible club, who began applying what he saw there at his own church. When he taught for the first time, the children enjoyed it! The other teachers were surprised to see that the children were able to sit and discuss the Bible. From that time on, the church leadership promised to support him to make sure things continue in this way. 

Seeing what God is doing through Alexandre and Ange at their churches has encouraged me and gives me hope for the fruitfulness of this project.

Jean Ngirimana runs Discipling the Next Generation - a project that seeks to raise up the next generation of Rwandans to understand the gospel and to live in light of it. The project will work with university students to train them in how to teach the gospel faithfully to children and young people. Find out more here.