Gospel witness in New Delhi

16 November 2016

Robin Masihi is the leader of two small congregations in New Delhi. He has never been to bible school and has minimal school education. But, thanks to workshops offered by NIBT, he has now been trained to teach and preach God's word. Through Robin's ministry in New Delhi, local believers are being built up in their faith and those who have not heard of Christ are being brought into his Kingdom.


Robin recently met Naginder, a man from a Hindu background who had been left paralysed after falling from the fourth floor of a building. Robin began visiting Naginder and, over time, shared the gospel with him and his family. Naginder's wife and mother have since put their trust in Christ and attend Robin's church regularly. Though Naginder has not yet professed faith himself, he continues to meet with Robin and explore Christianity further.


A childhood friend of Robin's, Atul, recently approached Robin for advice. Atul and his family had been going through tough times and appreciated Robin's words of comfort and wisdom. In these meetings, Robin told Atul about Christ and invited him along to church. Not long after this, Atul accepted Christ as his saviour and was baptised in Robin's church. Since then, Atul’s wife and children have also turned to Christ.

An NIBT workshop tranformed Robin's ministry and witness in New Delhi. Crosslinks 2016 Christmas appeal is raising funds for this ministry. Just £20 covers the cost for one pastor to attend a six day workshop. Click here to give £20.