Mission Partner Opportunities

Here are some long-term openings that are available through Crosslinks. We are looking for people who can sign our Statement of Faith and who will adhere to Crosslinks’ priorities of front-line evangelism and training of trainers.

If you are interested in any of the opportunities on the right then please contact our Means of Mission Team Leader on 020 8691 6111 or email bbuchanan@crosslinks.org

The main work of Crosslinks includes helping Mission Partners/ appointees to these roles establish partnerships. As a Britain and Ireland-based organisation, we regret that we are not able to generate partnerships for candidates based outside of the country or have no current links with churches in the UK. If you do not need financial support to take on these roles or are able to manage your own partnerships, you can contact the churches or organisations if listed directly to enquire about the opportunities.

Job Opportunities

Lecturer for Bible College

Theological teacher (with PhD or Masters) needed for newly established Bible College in Kitwe, Zambia

Beth Buchanan
Church Minister

Church Minister needed for Anglican Church in the Diocese of Singapore.

Beth Buchanan
Trainer of house-group leaders
United Arab Emirates

A church that has a reach to people of more than 30 nations has a need for someone with ministry experience and knowledge of a different culture to train up 100 house-group leaders for the Middle East.

Beth Buchanan
Support worker - St Julian's Anglican Training Centre, Nairobi

Could you fill a long-term role to support Crosslinks Mission Partners Wanyeki and Mary Mahiaini at St Julian’s Anglican Training Centre in Nairobi, Kenya? The centre aims to equip ministers and laymen with skills for expository bible teaching. This position is open for individuals and couples. The ideal candidate(s) should have the skills to handle the Bible faithfully (e.g. Cornhill Training) as well as discipleship skills.

Beth Buchanan
Teaching opportunity

at Msalato Theological College, Tanzania.

Beth Buchanan
Theological college lecturers

Theological college lecturers needed at Centro de Estudios Pastorales, Chile.

Beth Buchanan
Dean of Theological College

Dean of Theological College required in the Gambella region of Ethiopia.

Beth Buchanan

Rector needed for the Anglican Episcopal Cathedral of The Good Shepherd, Peru.

Beth Buchanan
Dean for Bible College

Dean needed (with Master's in Theology) to oversee operation of school in Gambella, Ethiopia - 20 full-time and 15 part-time students.

Beth Buchanan