Leni Ledgister

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Santiago, Chile


Chile is a country with growing economic and political stability. In an increasingly secular society disillusioned with established religion and scarred by past horrors, people are searching for meaning, success, and security as they grapple with the big questions of life. Iglesia Santiago Apostol (ISA) church was planted in Santiago, a city with a population of six million, to be an evangelistic witness downtown - home to many universities and businesses.

Leni has spent the last four years on the World Mission course at Oak Hill Theological College, preparing to serve God’s Church cross-culturally.

Her passion is to see God glorified, as people are taught the Bible and discipled, within the local church. Leni is convinced that, through the work of the Holy Spirit, knowing and understanding God’s word and applying it correctly makes Christians grow and “live as children of light” (Eph. 5:8).

In summer 2012 Leni did her course placement at ISA in Santiago where she became aware of the discipleship needs. She has been invited back to serve in developing relationships and discipling women.  Leni will be —helping to reach and disciple university students and discipling young women in a pre-ministry training scheme.

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