James and Lucy Buchanan

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Melville Union Church, Johannesburg


James and Lucy Buchanan moved to central Johannesburg for James to become the senior minister at  Melville Union Church at the start of 2014. Melville Union Church is a vibrant and mixed congregation in a great location and there is huge potential for growth. James and Lucy (and the church) have a particular desire to reach out to the 70,000 students within walking distance of the church, and to train up future church leaders. Lucy is currently a full-time mum, and also works at the church doing admin and children's work. 

They have four children: Sam, Hannah, Sophie and Rachel. 


Buchanan’s Mission Partner project

Melville Union Church is ideally placed to reach out to the campuses whilst remaining a mixed church in every way. We are keen to keep a balance of young professionals, families and students at every service and the church is racially, economically and culturally very mixed which we are seeking to maintain. James and Lucy Buchanan are seeking to develop financial and prayerful partnerships to help them (re)establish areas of ministry within Melville Union Church and the local area. In particular they are looking to raise money to support the student work, mainly via staff salaries, but also other ministry expenses. Faye and Madhush Mathews, Mbulelo Maliza and Thuli Sappira are currently working on the local campuses seeking to reach out to the 70,000 students studying within walking distance of the church as well as discipling and maturing the students already at church.   

If you would like to give to the student work in Johannesburg or the other needs Melville Union has, James and Lucy are looking after this project fund and hoping to grow it.

Please click here to give a one off to these needs or you can give a regular gift by clicking here. Thank you!

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