Ben Williamson

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South Africa


Ben initially went to the Johannesburg Bible College (JBC) in 2010 on a two month short-term placement. Later that year he returned to JBC, where he taught until January 2013. He then served at Christ Church, Hillbrow, helping Bishop Edwin Ngubane (REACH-SA) rebuild the gospel witness in the area. In September 2014 Ben became Minister in Charge at Christ Church, following Bishop Edwin's passing away.

There is an affluent region right next to Hillbrow; student residences within walking distance from the church; and the business district is not far. Christ Church has the potential to be a light in all these areas proclaiming the gospel that people might come to know and love the Lord Jesus. 

Hillbrow Gospel Worker

Christ Church Hillbrow is lacking in staff members to serve the community around them. Ben continues to hold the responsibility of preaching and overseeing Sunday services, as well as leading the small group ministry and the entire pastoral ministry. Sustaining this work alongside developing outreach ministry and Christian growth within the church has proved a demanding challenge without having more members of staff to take on particular responsibilities. Ben and Christ Church Hillbrow are looking to employ an additional worker to take on some of these responsibilities. Crosslinks has set up a fund called ‘Hillbrow Gospel Worker’ in order to assist with the fundraising, and to help reach the target of £5000 a year, for the next two years to enable Christ Church Hillbrow to employ a gospel worker from 2017 - 2018. REACH South Africa and Christ Church Hillbrow are also aiming to raise £5000 a year each to enable this appointment to go ahead. If you would like to give towards the Hillbrow Gospel Worker fund please click here.


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