Alun and Debbie Burt

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Cape Town, South Africa


Like so many cities around the world, Cape Town faces huge challenges as a result of mass urbanisation.  The Arise ministry helps children in crisis, support vulnerable children and encourages fostering and adoption amongst Christians.

Alun and Debbie were originally part of a short-term mission team to South Africa, but returned to St. Thomas’ Church, Heideveld, and Arise as Crosslinks Mission Partners in 2008.  Alun’s work now includes teaching the Bible in St Thomas Church and aiming to disciple young men in a community deeply affected by the legacy of Apartheid and stricken by drugs and gangsterism.

Debbie is raising the profile of fostering and adoption in the local church, and supporting families that have already taken these steps.

They have four children: Likhona, Ilana, Malachi and Timothy.


Ramon Willliams is a ministry apprentice at St Thomas’ Church. To support his salary, click here.

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