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The need for the gospel in our world is great!

The saving message of Christ needs to be heard to the ends of the earth.

 Crosslinks Mission Partners are currently serving in more than 25 countries but to keep on sending men and women to share the gospel to the nations, the central costs of Crosslinks needs to be sustained

 Friends of Crosslinks

For Crosslinks to continue supporting these gospel partnerships, the central costs of Crosslinks itself needs to be backed. Becoming a Friend of Crosslinks provide this vital and sustaining support. 

  “Although it is crucial to be supporting mission partners like ourselves, training Bible teachers out here in Uganda, it is no less significant to give to the Crosslinks home staff also. The two go together – their hard work and dedication to seeing God’s word go out to God’s world mean that we and many others like us are able to carry out that work ‘on the front line’. Whether helping us with tax returns, technological queries, budgeting, cross-cultural relationships, travel, insurance or church partnerships, the Crosslinks central staff have supported us every step of the way.” Chris and Ros Howles, Uganda

Crosslinks provides cross-cultural expertise, organisational facilities, financial guidance and mentoring to Mission Partners, as well as supporting their sending churches and partners.

We ask that Friends of Crosslinks give £5 or more per month towards the central costs and invest time in praying for the society. A good friendship should be mutual. Crosslinks promises regular communication with you about how your backing is enabling Crosslinks to function. Friends will receive:

  • A bi-monthly news update will inform you of the goings-on in Crosslinks: the decisions made, personnel deployed, and all that your money is helping to achieve.
  • Friends will receive personal invitations to Crosslinks events
  • and, when you sign up, we will send you a Crosslinks fridge magnet as a small thank-you.

For more information please see our Friends flyer here

Become a Friend of Crosslinks today to enable Crosslinks to keep going.

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