Frequently Asked Questions - Projects

Yes and No. There is no fixed list of who may or may not apply.  However, all applicants have to satisfy the application criteria. All applicants must come personally commended by someone we know and trust e.g. a staff member, a mission partner or someone we have worked closely with overseas for a number of years.  This person must be in a position to offer oversight and accountability regarding finances.

A potential Project Partner makes an application to Crosslinks.  They demonstrate that they agree with Crosslinks’ aims, objectives and fundamental priorities, explain why external support is needed and set out the timescale for the mission work.

This application is then considered by a Crosslinks panel at a selection meeting which happens twice a year.  If the proposal is approved, we will make a conditional offer of support to the Project Partner.

Then Crosslinks will look for people and churches within the UK and Ireland to partner with these Projects and Project Partners for the duration of our commitment to them (normally 3 years).  We will not guarantee support for Project Partners until we are sure of full funding.

From sending in an application to starting work, the process can take 7 months or longer.  This is because we want to go through a thorough selection process and then need time to find British and Irish partners to get behind the work.  This delay can be frustrating but it is necessary.

If the mission worker still needs partnership from overseas, they can make a further application.  This will go through the same application process as any new application.

  • It will involve regular, two way communication by email, letter or phone
  • It will involve praying regularly for one another
  • It may involve giving financially