Frequently Asked Questions - Mission Partners

Long term mission, all over the world.

Crosslinks does not wish to restrict itself geographically but we do strategize within regions and countries.  Currently, we work in 24 countries:
Europe – England, Belgium, Finland, France, Italy, Czech Republic, Serbia, Eastern Europe;
Asia – East Asia, Singapore, South Asia, South East Asia, Thailand;
Africa – Ethiopia, Kenya, Mozambique, North Africa, South Africa, Tanzania, Togo, Uganda, Zimbabwe;
South America – Argentina

A huge variety of placements – but always with the aim of taking God’s Word to God’s World through front-line evangelism and the training of trainers.  Crosslinks has people teaching in churches and theological colleges, doing student work, English teaching in Bible colleges, working with commercial sex workers, working with returnees (those who have studied abroad and returned to their home country as Christians), theological literature work, youth work, working with vulnerable children and training children’s ministry workers.

This will depend on your placement, but the requirement is one year’s minimum training.

This will vary depending on how much money you will need in your placement country.  If you are a Mission Partner we will help you to put together a budget.

It helps if you have had some cross-cultural experience of a few months or more but if you haven’t, we can recommend places for training, and ways to receive cross-cultural preparation.

The application process takes up to six months if you have a placement in mind and often longer if Crosslinks is researching a possible placement.
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It is a condition that all Mission Partners are fully funded before they begin working for Crosslinks. It generally takes up to 9 months to build sufficient partnerships to raise all the income and pledges needed to meet the mission partner’s budget for a three year period. For Associate Mission Partners, we do not have this policy so the timescale is likely to be slightly less. There might also be some conditions for further training or preparation from the Crosslinks selection panel that need to be fulfilled before the Mission Partner or Associate Mission Partner can leave.

Pray about your situation and your long-term vision and go and see the leader of your church.  It is important that you talk this through with your vicar or pastor and ask for their comments before you apply to Crosslinks.

  • An in depth selection process which helps you think through some of the issues related to serving God overseas.
  • A four or five day residential orientation course to help orientate you to Crosslinks and cross-cultural mission.
  • Comprehensive emergency medical and travel insurance.
  • Crosslinks aims to visit all Mission Partners and Associate Mission Partners within their first three years of service.
  • Prayer letters are displayed on our website and distributed to your churches and individual prayer partners.
  • Pastoral support from the London office.
  • Regular fund reports on your financial situation.
  • A thorough debrief each time you return to the UK to visit churches.

For Mission Partners, Crosslinks will also…

  • Put together your profile and help build partnerships with churches and individuals.
  • Put together a budget with you.
  • Pay you monthly through Crosslinks payroll.
  • Organize National Insurance payments and pension contributions for you.
  • Help with the practicalities of home leave (flights, accommodation, transport, church visits, retreats, conferences, medicals).