Frequently Asked Questions - BEST

BEST is our bursary scheme available to clergy, church ministry leaders and workers about to start appropriate theological, biblical and ministry education and training.

Our aim is to assist those current or potential leaders at ‘grass roots’ level seeking primarily to gain first level qualifications (certificate, diploma or degree) or to do foundation courses.  Their need is to study to strengthen or take up ministries as pastors, bible teachers and evangelists, and to be equipped to train others in Bible knowledge and handling, Christian discipleship and mission.

Also, we will consider other applicants who may want to study for higher degrees in order to serve in key positions in their Diocese or ministry, especially those who will equip others in the church to teach or train others.

BEST has particular criteria by which it assesses strictly all applications.  All applicants should be;

  • recommended by their Diocese and, preferably, by a Crosslinks’ worker or contact;
  • accepted onto, and about to start, a relevant course with an evangelical theological college known to Crosslinks;
  • attending a college in their own or nearby country;
  • under 40 years old;
  • if married, arranging to spend only a limited amount of time separated from their spouse and any children.
  • Involved in practising ministry at least two years since their last study course
  • Capable of and committed to providing regular reports and prayer news updates

Please note: students already enrolled and studying on courses are not eligible to apply.

All applications are carefully considered against such key criteria, and applications closest to these are put forward to a Crosslinks’ Selection meeting, usually held twice a year.  As applications usually exceed funds available, there is no guarantee of funding.  The Selection meeting makes the final decision as to who will receive bursary support as BEST Study Partners.

Only if you think your application would fulfill all the above criteria, should you request a full application form by completing the initial enquirer’s form (work in progress).  You can complete this formonline or request it from the BEST Co-ordinator by e-mail at:, or in writing to: Crosslinks, 251 Lewisham Way, London, SE4 1XF.

The agreed BEST bursary will be offered primarily to cover academic costs, e.g. tuition fees, exam fees, books, etc.  In certain limited cases, contributions towards other costs, such as accommodation and living expenses, may be considered, but these should normally be paid for by the student, the church or Diocese, or through other means of support.

The bursary is offered to the BEST Study Partner for the duration of the course.  However, continuing support is conditional on the successful completion of each academic year, and the provision of sufficient regular news and reporting by the Study Partners and their colleges.

We encourage many of our Crosslinks’ supporters, either churches or individuals, to engage in partnership with our Study Partners.  Those who want to commit to supporting and praying regularly for a specific Study Partner can link to them through BEST, receiving a Study Partner profile and regular prayer news and updates about their studies, family and college life.

Alternatively, one-off or regular donations to support BEST generally will enable us to provide for our other Study Partners.  We will also send you the BEST quarterly prayer newsletter giving regular news about Study Partners and the work of BEST.

The money received by BEST goes towards the Study Partner’s agreed tuition and academic fees, but in certain cases other costs may be considered.  Ideally, each Study Partner and their church or Diocese is asked to pay what they can towards personal costs and allowances, and medical fees.  BEST payments are made directly to the college on the Study Partner’s behalf.