Welshman Dube

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December 2017


Growing up Welshman love to hear bible stories, but had a lot of questions about God, “Who He was?” and “Why He hid himself?” etc.  But no-one around seemed to have an answer.  In 2009 he started attending a youth group at the local church, was taught the bible and learnt to read it for himself.  He writes, “They made reading the bible cool.  Later that year I gave my life to Jesus, since then the Lord has been making a difference in my life.  The Lord has been building a Christian character in me, my actions are becoming more and more like Christ.”


Bishop Vincent Matthews Jr, Church of God in Christ International Missions, writes, “I have known Mr. Dube for the past 7 years and have watched him blossom into a wonderful man that has already begun to realize a profound impact upon humanity.  Welshman is courageous, conscientious, kind, articulate, jovial, self motivated, and magnanimous.  When I first met him as a young boy he did not exhibit most of the aforementioned traits.  In fact his life seemed destined to spiral into the abyss that was so common for children from extreme disadvantaged backgrounds such as himself.  However, Welshman made a conscious choice to give his life to Jesus and embraced the gift of salvation to transform him.  For several years he exhibited a voracious appetite for spiritual growth as he rushed from extra lessons at school and sat on the front row of Bible study classes learning of the word.”


Welshman’s training:

Welshman is studying a two-year DipTh course through Johannesburg Bible College, South Africa, to deepen bible knowledge and be equipped for evangelism.  This will help him in his involvement in teen church, youth work and Sunday school, and outreach to the Ivory Park community, west of Johannesburg.


Welshman requires £1,130 (2016) and £974 (2017), which includes a 10% central support contribution


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