Supporting BEST

This bursary scheme is only possible because individuals, churches, house groups, Christian Unions or charitable funds give towards BEST in general, or to a nominated Study Partner.

How can I support BEST or a Study Partner?

We encourage many of our Crosslinks’ supporters, either churches or individuals, to engage in partnership with our Study Partners. Those who want to commit to supporting and praying regularly for a specific Study Partner can link to them through BEST, receiving a Study Partner profile and regular prayer news and updates about their studies, family and college life.

Alternatively, one-off or regular donations to support BEST generally will enable us to provide for our other Study Partners. We will also send you the BEST quarterly prayer newsletter giving regular news about Study Partners and the work of BEST.

Where does my support go?

The money received by BEST goes towards the Study Partner’s agreed tuition and academic fees, but in certain cases other costs may be considered. Ideally, each Study Partner and their church or Diocese is asked to pay what they can towards personal costs and allowances, and medical fees. BEST payments are made directly to the college on the Study Partner’s behalf.

Please note: the specific amount requested for a Study Partner does include a 10% administration charge in order to cover BEST’s running costs.

Individual Support

If you are an individual and considering supporting BEST or a Study Partner, please contact:
Member & Institution Manager Tel: 020 8691 6111 E-mail:


Church Support

If your church is considering supporting BEST or a Study Partner, please contact:
Co-ordinator - Church & Member Team Tel: 020 8691 6111 E-mail: