Sivuyile Lurai

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Cape Town, South Africa

Course Ends
July 2018


Sivuyile writes, “I was born into in a non-Christian home. A firstborn of four children, I grew up as a well behaved child, good and dedicated, as from my early childhood right up to Tertiary education years.

However, I had no regard at all for the Gospel because I was busy with my career, eager to make something better of myself. And indeed things were going well in my life. In fact this business of Christianity and salvation, I kind of despised. For as far as I was concerned salvation was for people who are weak, losers of this world, people who had no noble prospects in life. As a result I saw myself as a wiser person than most of my Christian friends.

But after having a few contacts with one of the Gospel preaching churches, the sharp rays of the Gospel began to penetrate through the pride that was covering my heart. I began to realize how wicked & empty I was despite all my good endeavours. It was clear to me that I may have been a good young man, good example to others, good employee, but before God’s eyes this was not the case. And when I looked at the Gospel, all of a sudden I saw how good and glorious God is. I saw the true riches and the honour that the Gospel was offering. I saw the glorious hope of eternal life that the Gospel was presenting. Everything about the gospel was just too good not to accept, particularly the message that God in the Gospel saves because of who He is, and despite of who I am, was utterly irresistible.  Today I glory in the Gospel and the benefits of being a forgiven sinner.”

Sivuyile is currently interim pastor for Langa Christian Church, situated in one of the Cape Town townships.  He was recommended to BEST by Associate Mission Partner, Ben Dean, who is Dean of Postgraduate Studies at George Whitefield College.


Sivuyile’s training

Sivuyile started the one and a half-year Masters in Theology course at the George Whitefield College, South Africa, in January 2017.


Partner with Sivuyile Lurai

Sivuyile needs £2,330 per academic year until the end of July 2018 to complete his studies. Can you help Sivuyile to complete his training by praying and giving? Could you partner with him as he trains to serve the church in South Africa? Contact to find out more!

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