Patrick Mgxobane

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KwaZulu Natal, South Africa

Course Ends
November 2017


Patrick writes, “My mother is a dedicated Christian.  She organised for a pastor to visit and present the gospel to me.  My eyes were opened, my chains fell off, my heart was free.  My life changed radically since Christ came into my life.  I am working with two pastors, teaching and preaching the bible and growing in the faith.”


Nat Schluter, Associate Mission Partner and Principal of the Johannesburg Bible College, writes, “In anticipation of Patrick possibly coming to JBC in 2017, we invited him for a week’s experience of college.  We were impressed by his humility and ability to join in serving at college for the week.  The other young men on staff were very positive about him joining the student body and helping us in an apprentice role on staff.


Patrick has come to us through Colin Bishop who knows Patrick from where he stays in KwaZulu Natal.  Colin is a seasoned Christian worker in Africa, used to head up the Bible Society here and is on the JBC Board.  Colin was one of the initiators of JBC when we started. Colin has met up with Patrick several times and knows Patrick’s church pastors.  They are all impressed with him.


The purpose of Patrick coming to JBC is for him to take the training he receives back to KZN the following year and begin some basic expository bible training among rural pastors and ministry workers.  The longer term aim would be to build a team and a course and eventually a JBC-like college there.”


Patrick’s training

Patrick started the one-year Ministry Training course at the Johannesburg Bible College, South Africa, in January 2017.


Partner with Patrick Mgxobane

Patrick needs £4,620 for the 2017 academic year to complete his studies. Can you help Patrick to complete his training by praying and giving? Could you partner with him as he trains to serve the church in South Africa? Contact to find out more!

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