Mazi Choshane

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Course Ends
November 2016


“I was six years old when my mom fell really ill and after she had tried almost every remedy in the book and nothing was working, she made up her mind that only God could save her.  We started attending church frequently and I soon started to see how through faith God’s revealed His power of healing and grace.  This was one of the most challenging times of my life but I was really encouraged by how my mom put her complete faith in God and believed that only He could save and heal her.  I became curious about this God and wanted to know more about Him.  We continued going to church and over the years my faith in Him has grown stronger.  I’m truly grateful for the opportunity to know God, to have a relationship with Him, for spiritual growth and the fact that I can be a model Christian by living an obedient and pleasing life in His sight.  It is through His grace that I can be so committed in ministry at church and touch the lives of many by being faithful to Him.


When an opportunity came up for me to assist with the Youth ministry at church, I jumped straight into it without prior knowledge or training.  I hope that doing this course will help me gain more knowledge about ministry especially with regards to leading teenagers and the importance of worship at church. The aim is also to better my understanding on the Bible so that I can confidently communicate the message of the Bible and it’s teachings at any given time.


I will continue to serve at my local church (Christ Church Hillbrow). I’m passionate about youth ministry and music so these ministries will continue to be my focus.”

Ben Williamson writes, “Mazi has been a member of CCH since I arrived and before. She is a woman of godly character and gifting.  Although her primary role at the moment in the church is as the music leader, she is also involved in working with the youth group.


Having seen her mature character and keenness to learn, I believe she will benefit greatly from JBC.  I believe in the future she should be involved in some kind of Christian ministry and from what I have seen I would encourage her to be involved in fulltime paid Christian ministry in the future.  I believe that JBC will put her in good stead to explore these options.  Even if she only continues as a member of the church serving in different ways I believe she will be greatly aided by her studies at JBC.”


Mazi's training:

Mazi will be studying the Ministry 1 part-time course at Johannesburg Bible College in 2016.


Mazi requires £175 for 2016, which includes 10% for BEST administration costs

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