Isaiah Thuranira Marete

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Isaiah Thuranira is a young Meru man from the Diocese in Marsabit in northern Kenya.  He had been turned down for ordination because he was deemed too young, but was taken on as an extra church worker by the Cathedral to use and train.  He has now grown into a confident young man, much appreciated by the Provost and his team, and now ready for further development.  The diocese is training people from all the local ethnic groups to increase their pool of qualified clergy, and Isaiah will add to the church’s ministry in the southern areas of the diocese.

Isaiah Thuranira Marete’s training:

He will study for a Diploma in Theology at St Andrew’s College of Theology and Development, Kabare, starting in August 2014.

Isaiah Thuranira Marete requires: £398 (2014); £995 (2015); £995 (2016), and £596 (2017), which includes the 10% BEST administrative charge, or;

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