Felipe Chamy

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In 1998 Felipe was prevented through illness of travelling with the national rugby team to the Youth Rugby World Cup in France.  He writes, “Rugby was my life. I was devastated.  I was in my first year of university, and a friend invited me to an Anglican church youth retreat in Santiago.  It was then that I realised how much God loved me by sending His own Son to die on the cross for me. The service and care shown by the people in this church was a very important factor in order for me to know God´s love.


Felipe started attending church, where the youth pastor studied the Bible with him and got him connected to a community group in which he was discipled and encouraged in his faith.  After two years, he was leading the group, teaching the Bible, discipling and training others to do the same.


Felipe went on to study for a BTh at Centre for Pastoral Studies (Centro de Estudios Pastorales) and has graduated recently.  He has been recommended to BEST as part of the Anglican Church’s strategy  to train national pastors and bible teachers to become faculty members at CEP.


Felipe’s training

He will be studying for a MA Theological Studies/New Testament at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, Illinois, USA until December 2016.  Felipe is married to Bernadita, and they have four young children.


Felipe requires £5,892 pa for 3 years (2014 to 2016), which includes the 10% BEST administration charge.

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