Diego Pacheco

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“As a non believer I was a strong atheist, I thought I should doubt everything. So I decided to doubt my atheism.”  After a life-threatening crisis Diego decided to go to church to investigate Christianity.  “I remember the first time I thought of God as something real.  It was after a very lively discussion about Christianity, and I felt like the God they were speaking about wasn´t the God I thought about. For the first time as an adult, I decided to pray and ask Him to reveal himself. And He did!”


After two years as an apprentice at the Iglesia Pablo Apostal church in Valparaiso, Diego and his wife, Sabrina, will be studying the BTh and Christian ministry course at the Centre for Pastoral Studies in Santiago.  Their plan, during and following this three-year course, is to return to their home town to help Iglesia Pablo Apostal church plant and establish a new congregation.


Diego Pacheco requires £2,480 per academic year for three years (2015-2017), which includes the 10% BEST administrative charge, or;


Diego Pacheco requires: £2,480 (2015), £2,480 (2016) and £2,480 (2017), which includes the 10% BEST administrative charge

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