The Bursary

What does the bursary cover?

The agreed BEST bursary will be offered primarily to cover academic costs, e.g. tuition fees, exam fees, books, etc. In certain limited cases, contributions towards other costs, such as accommodation and living expenses, may be considered, but these should normally be paid for by the student, the church or Diocese, or through other means of support.

Is the bursary for the duration of the course?

The bursary is offered to the BEST Study Partner for the duration of the course. However, continuing support is conditional on the successful completion of each academic year, and the provision of sufficient regular news and reporting by the Study Partners and their colleges.

As a result of their (Crosslinks) great financial assistance I worked as a Tutor of Kongwa Theological College, Tutor and later Principal of Morogoro Bible College and now Diocesan Secretary of the Anglican Diocese of Morogoro.
Study Partner