Bongolomzi Mkiva

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Port Elizabeth, South Africa

Course Ends
November 2019


Bongolomzi writes of his conversion as a “progressive blurry process of God graciously bringing me into joyful and humble submission to Him through His word.  I am uncertain about the details of my conversion, but I know that I had heard and understood the death of Jesus on my behalf by the end of 2008 and from that time I was solely trusting and relying on Jesus for my salvation.  However this all happened within the context of a hyper-charismatic culture and there was so much that was amiss in my small understanding of the Bible and therefore of God as well.  I was legalistic and had a terrible understanding of God’s Word particularly spiritual gifts.

I finally came to Port Elizabeth for university and I got plugged into St James Church.  I used my Bible (properly) for the very first time in a church service during a gospel presentation.  I was completely blown away by the fact that I was actually using the Bible as a normal congregant during a sermon. “

 Bongolomzi was a ministry apprentice at St James Church Port Elizabeth, and it is anticipated he return to serve as a curate in the area, particularly in preaching and bible teaching among the Xhosa community.


Bongolomzi’s training

Bongo started the three-year Bachelor of Theology (Pastoral Ministry) course at George Whitefield College, South Africa, in January 2017.


Partner with Bongolomzi Mkiva

Bongo needs £1,545 per academic year until the end of November 2019 to complete his studies. Can you help Bongo to complete his training by praying and giving? Could you partner with him as he trains to serve the church in South Africa? Contact to find out more!

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