Aaron Awok

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Kaduna, Nigeria

Course Ends
July 2017


Aaron writes, “I discovered I was not good to myself, because I felt I was trying to punish my father by doing wrong things, but God arrested me in a party where I was trying to drink an alcoholic wine.  After that day I never took any alcoholic drink again and saw the need to give my life to Christ, and I went to my pastor and shared with him so he asked me to repeat after him after then we prayed together.  Later on I was convinced to come to the seminary.  Up to now He has been faithful to me; despite challenges He remains faithful.”


Aaron’s training:

Aaron will attend the one-year Expository Preaching course at Abuja Bible College in Kagoro.



Partner with Aaron Awok

Aaron needs £475 per academic year until the end of July 2017 to complete his studies. Can you help Aaron to complete his training by praying and giving? Could you partner with him as he trains to serve the church in Nigeria? Contact ppt@crosslinks.org to find out more!

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