BEST - Overview

Bursaries Enabling Strategic Training

BEST is our bursary scheme available to clergy, church ministry leaders and workers about to start appropriate theological, biblical and ministry education and training.

Primarily, the BEST programme seeks to provide its support to them through partnerships with individuals and churches in the UK & Ireland connected with Crosslinks, who can pray for and help them financially through the bursary during their studies.

Crosslinks has been involved in training key church leaders and workers around the world for many years. Through BEST, we are continuing to help churches and individuals in such circumstances take God’s Word to God’s world.

Benefits of BEST

  • Resourcing the local church with trained leaders and ministers
  • Candidates are not excluded from courses due to lack of personal or church funds
  • Provides links between Study Partner and the supporting church or individual
  • Funds local courses, contextually and culturally relevant
  • Funding local colleges helps the money go further