90 Years of Crosslinks

Since 1922 men and women have gone to some of the darkest places on the planet to proclaim the light of the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. They have learned foreign languages, planted churches, evangelised students, taught in theological colleges and shared the gospel with the weak and vulnerable, the fit and the strong.

Much has been achieved, yet we are always aware of more that could be done. We want to expand the work, strengthen it and keep it going for many years to come.

Whilst current mission activity is fully funded and growing numbers are committed to its ongoing support, we face a significant financial challenge in two respects: the necessity for a supply of working capital and the responsibility of ensuring pension provision for former mission partners and servants of the Society.

Taken together we need to raise £1.2m during the next nine months.

A 90th Anniversary Thanksgiving Fund has been established to which you are invited to make a one-off gift of £90 in thanksgiving to God for the past ninety years, and as your contribution toward Crosslinks continuing to its 100th anniversary and beyond.

The need is serious and urgent.

Please pray with us that the old saying that ‘where gospel work is done in God’s way it will not lack resources’ will once again be shown to be true, as we continue to endeavour to take God’s word to God’s world.


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Crosslinks is an excellent and genuinely biblical organisation, and I believe that their expertise and commitment in furthering the Gospel worldwide deserves our full support
Rico Tice

All Souls, Langham Place

In class we discussed at length about how the theme of suffering in 1 Peter should impact upon their expectations of ministry, their response to prosperity preaching, and how they seek to care for their congregations pastorally. We’re deeply thankful for the work God has given us to do here
Chris Howles

Crosslinks Mission Partner at Uganda Martyrs Seminary